House Training your Puppy or Dog

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  • Yelling, raising your voice, threatening and getting aggravated or physical with your puppy or dog will not nearly be as effective as positive reinforcement and consistency on your part. A dog simply has a difficult time associating an action with a consequence. It's their desire however to make you happy so anything like going outside to the bathroom should be seen as something that makes you happy. This means lots of praise will get your puppy housebroken a lot faster than getting upset.

    The idea of training a puppy is by making use of a non word command and using hand gestures to show them what you want them to do. You must also understand that puppies have a very short attention span so long sessions of training will not be beneficial to both the puppy and the owner. Practicing several sessions of 10 minutes each per day will bring forth a good result. Never also forget that retrievers loves to be rewarded, so never forget those little puppy treats for every perfectly accomplished commands.

    Choose a place that is neutral to your pup. You don't want them in defense mode as they try to protect their den and family from intruders. Best place to start may be a unoccupied park (not a dog park with distractions) or out in your yard where things are familiar, but not necessarily territorial. Another thing to remember is that everything should be well lit. You don't want anybody in the shadows where they may appear intimidating to your pup. This should allow your pup to meet his new friends without wanting to play the instinctive guard dog (plus it gives everyone some room to play and interact).

    Effective puppy behavior training relies on consistency and positive reinforcement. When a puppy learns in a firm yet loving and compassionate environment, he is more likely to perform the steps willingly.

    Be consistent with your dog training to make sure your animal stays obedient to the rules it has been learning. Pet owners often believe that once their dog completes a training program, the process is over. Some dogs will revert back to negative behaviors if the training does not continue. You must remain strict with your dog.

    when your puppy is going to urinate or defecate, he will run around to find a right place to do that. Puppy is sniffing the floor as he walks around, sometimes he makes a sound and run up to the owner with fidget, all that means your puppy will defecate. How should you do now? Take your puppy in your arms to the box,skep or bathroom, then tell the puppy "piss". When your puppy finish it, you can say "Good boy/girl" with reassuring pats and give he some tasty foods.